Cut costs & boost profits with our Merchant Payment Improvement Program

Payments for merchants can be expensive and complex, but with our specialized knowledge, we can help you unlock your merchant potential. 

Our Merchant Improvement Program focuses on twelve areas of improvement, leveraging expertise from outside the payment acquirer industry. 

Take control of your payments and maximize your business success.

Let us guide you through the broad global payment landscape

We fully understand your needs & problems

You don’t want expensive & complex payment processes that drain your resources and leave room for improvement? 

Our team of industry specialists is here to transform the way you handle payments, leveraging our expertise beyond the traditional acquirer model.

From enhancing customer experience to tackling omnichannel challenges, reducing costs, and combating fraud, we understand the diverse needs and pain points of merchants like you. 

Let us streamline your payment infrastructure, boost your sales, and fortify your trust and security measures. It’s time to elevate your business with our comprehensive, unified solutions.”

Our professional integrity & entrepreneurial payment expertise are the key to your project success

Vendor neutrality

We do not favour any payment service provider; our recommendations are solely based on a thorough analysis of merchants’ needs and the optimal solution

Project financials

We operate without receiving any commissions or kickbacks from payment service providers

Team agnosticism

We hold no investments in payment service providers, ensuring all our consultants remain neutral and independent

Entrepreneurial Expertise

Our team consists of leading experts with entrepreneurial backgrounds, allowing us to understand and align with our clients’ needs

Guaranteed positive ROI

Our promise: We guarantee a return-on-investment maximum within two years for all projects – if not we don’t do the project

Fair Competition

We promote fair competition and do not share any information from one project with another

Absolute Transparency

We advocate for open and direct communication, fostering complete transparency

Multiple successful client projects to optimize their payments value chain

Swiss Medium Enterprise

Key Levers

- AR recovery process: -29%
- Charge Back Costs: -15%
- Total costs: -23%
- Turnover impact: +26%

Global omnichannel retailer

Key Levers

- Charge Back Costs: -6%
- Drop out rate: -13%
- Total costs: -16%
- Fraud: -13%
- Turnover impact: +18%

Swiss Digital Agency

Key Levers

- Additional revenue streams
- Front Book customers: +22%
- Total costs: +17%
- Turnover impact: +47%

SME eCommerce of bakery chain

Key Levers

- AR recovery process: -19%
- Total costs: -12%
- Fraud: -3%
- Turnover impact: +11%

Global eCommerce fashion retailer

Key Levers

- Charge Back costs: -85%
- Drop out rate: -35%
- Total costs: -27%
- Fraud: -13%
- Turnover impact: +15%

Swiss retail & wholesale company

Key Levers

- Charge Back Costs: -2%
- Drop out rate: -19%
- Total costs: -22%
- Fraud: -9%
- Turnover impact: +21%

Unlock the potential of your payment infrastructure & maximize profits with our Merchant Payment Improvement Program

Don’t let expensive and complex payment processes hold you back.

Our Merchant Improvement Program leverages specialized knowledge to identify and implement twelve areas of improvement for your business. We’ll help you unlock new opportunities and boost your success.

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