Case Studies

Retail Banking: Let your customer open their account in less than 10 minutes

22nd, as a client lifecycle expert for financial institutions, has developed a comprehensive client lifecycle management (CLM) system for digital onboarding of retail and joint accounts. This includes self-service onboarding via the website, including digital identification and signature, digital onboarding by in-branch relationship managers, and hybrid onboarding, such as initiated and executed by a relationship manager and completed online by the client.

CLM creates smooth & efficient opening and management processes. Customers go through the onboarding process from start to finish quickly and easily and without completing any media disruptions. It also gives relationship managers the tools they need to efficiently complete the onboarding process. With the CLM, relationship managers can easily access customer data and documents, monitor the onboarding process, and provide customized advice and support to customers. The CLM also provides a secure platform where customers can upload and store their documents. All documents are encrypted and securely stored in the core banking system, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of customer data.

CLM helps financial institutions increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and comply with regulations. It provides a secure, easy-to-use solution that allows customers to complete their onboarding process quickly and easily. It also allows financial institutions to monitor the progress of the onboarding process in real time and take action as needed. In addition, CLM enables financial institutions to customize their onboarding processes to meet their business needs and preferences. This allows them to customize the onboarding experience for each customer while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

CLM is a powerful tool that enables companies to optimize their onboarding processes and increase customer satisfaction. Through a streamlined and efficient onboarding experience, companies can reduce onboarding time, lower costs, and improve customer loyalty. In addition, CLM can help companies meet compliance standards and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

The project with Banque du Léman was implemented within 9 months and rolled out in two phases:

Phase 1 was the “standalone version”, an end-to-end onboarding journey without integration with the core banking system and other third party systems (go-live after only 4 months).

Phase 2 was the “integrated version”, an end-to-end onboarding journey with almost full integration with the core banking system and other third-party systems.

„With the introduction of the CLM Suite, Banque du Léman has increased the efficiency of its client advisors and back office staff. In addition, onboarding has become a customer experience and allows us to onboard our customers across all major channels. With the support of 22nd , we were able to implement a highly innovative solution that brings great benefits to our customers and employees (front & back office). Since the go-live in June 2021, we have already been able to win over 1,400 new customers via this route.“
Philippe Brunier
COO Banque du Léman
„The modular architecture of the CLM suite, combined with 22nd's broad and deep expertise, enabled us to simplify and digitize a highly complex process from front to back within a very short time. Our customers and employees love the new & modern onboarding process!“
Frédérique Werdefroy
Head of Digital Projects, Banque du Léman