Case Studies

New customers Opening

Opening new customers is considered one of the most time-consuming processes within a bank. Due to the participation of six to eight internal departments and in particular the collection of various forms (ø 25 pages excl. terms and conditions), such a business case can take a good three to five days before the account is finally activated.

By introducing a digital end-to-end onboarding process at a medium-sized universal bank, the time required for a new opening could be reduced from a total of around 65 minutes to about ten minutes. Due to the implementation of a biometric signature, customers only have to sign once.


Analysis, planning and implementation: 24 months

Proof of state change
  • Reduction from > 45 minutes front office and > 20 minutes back office to about ten minutes for the entire process
  • From > 25 pages of contract documents and > 20 pages of terms and conditions to a paperless process
  • Reduction of around ten signatures required for a biometric signature
  • From a lead time of between 3-5 days to direct availability of the products
  • Minimization of the source of error due to an end-to-end digital approach
„Thanks to new digital processes, throughput times and error rates can be significantly reduced. As a result, customers can deposit money into their accounts on the same day and benefit from a quick delivery of their personal bank cards.“
Samuel Egli
Medium-sized universal bank